Camping Hammocks Can Be Easier to Set up than Tents and More Comfortable to Sleep In

double hammockHammock camping appeals to many people who like to spend their time outdoors and in the wild because hammocks are reputedly more comfortable. Hammocks allow for better sleep as compared to tents as they do not require you to sleep on the ground. Hammocks have been around for centuries and are an accepted way of sleeping in ships and other places where there is a shortage of space.

Hammocks do not also require any poles or other supports. Camping hammocks can be set up among trees that are 12 to 15 feet apart. These hammocks will come with webbing straps that are quite broad and will not damage the barks of the tree trunks that they go around. These straps are wrapped around the trees at a height of 6 to 8 feet; a feat that is easily possible for the average camper. These straps create attachment points for the hammock. The rope that is attached to the hammock can be clipped or lashed onto the webbing, and most kits will have coupling links or carabiners which make this a simple affair. An effort must be made to see that after this attachment is made, the hammock line must make a 30-degree angle with the horizontal. The lowest part of the hammock, when tied on both sides must remain at least one or two feet above the ground level or at a height that is easy for the camper to climb into. You can string up a rope between the webbing straps on either side and use this to cover the hammock with a tarpaulin or other device to keep out the rain and wind. Use this in a diamond pitch on the hammock so that it covers the hammock when it sags after it is occupied.single person hammock

One great advantage of a camping hammock is that you need not look for the level ground when you are looking for a campsite and can just select one that has trees at convenient distances and of a girth that you can quickly fix your webbing to. Make sure that the tree will have the strength to take your weight, as if it is not stiff enough, you may find yourself on the ground once you get into the hammock guides. It is possible nowadays to get camping hammocks that will have their poles, built in cover for rain and mosquitoes and can even accommodate more than one person. These hammocks will, however, be quite bulky and may not be easy to carry when you are camping and may need you to have some transport arrangement to shift them from campsite to campsite.

A single person hammock is light and very easy to carry when you compare it to a tent. Hammocks are also very easy to set up, and this exercise will not require more than a few minutes, once you have located the right trees. They are less expensive than tents. Hammocks provide you with a recumbent style of lying down, and the fabric of the hammock will mold to the shape of your body. It elevates feet to the level of the heart. This posture helps blood circulation.